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The Big Sleep

March, 2015

This is the story of a long forgotten Italian racing car which fought valiantly on the international stage six decades ago before disappearing from view, seemingly lost forever, soon afterwards. Unknown to the motoring world, though, it was hidden in the most unlikely location: the proverbial shed at the bottom of the garden, in a remote small town on the other side of the globe, where it had been laid up by the man who had bought it in 1961. He had no idea of its past. He just knew that the car he'd purchased to use as daily transport from a mysterious Italian dealer via a classified advert in MotorTrend didn't have the four promised seats but only two; its low roof bodywork was aluminium which dented easily; and after filling the immense long range fuel tank just once (at 25 cents a gallon) he decided it wasn't a practical proposition and put the car away, resolving to overhaul it one day. That day never came, and the car stayed hidden in the shed for over half a century. Until now...