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Driving the Worlds Most Valuable Car: The Mercedes-Benz 300SLR 'Uhlenhaut' Coupé

May, 2010

There was nothing to suggest anything unusual. Please call back the director of the Mercedes-Benz Museum said the note handed to me by one of my colleagues. The team at Mercedes-Benz Classic have been friends since I organized auctions there many years ago and they are the perfect example of a manufacturer which really supports their older cars and the enthusiasts who cherish and collect them- and I don't mean treating them as a profit centre. Hello Simon said the cheerful director Michael Bock when I called back. Do you remember our last meeting, when you asked if one day you could have a closer look at your favourite 300SLR? We've talked about it here in the museum and wonder if you'd like to spend a day driving it around Italy? You've never seen a flight booked so quickly...