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Chassis No.
AM 115/S49 1259
Engine No.
AM 115/S49 1259
  • One of just 11 European specification 4.9 SS Spyders built (manual/ automatic combined)
  • Ultimate factory specification with manual gearbox, hard top, Borrani wire wheels, fitted luggage and all other options
  • Total 'ground up' rebuild completed in 2007 and documented history from new
Probably the best in existence, one of 11 European SS versions

1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder (manual)

Coachwork by Ghia

Why is this Ghibli SS Spyder so special? First, rarity: almost the same number of Ghibli Spyders were built (125) as Ferrari Daytona Spyders (121), but only 11 Ghibli SS Spyders were built to European specification, of which perhaps half were manual versions.

Secondly, the specification: this Spyder was ordered with all possible options, including hard top, fitted luggage, air conditioning, power steering, Borrani wire wheels, Becker stereo system, overtaking lights and extra leather in the cabin. Late Ghibli Spyders such as this car also have a more attractive central dash layout.

Thirdly, the car is well documented, with its certificate of origin and copies of all order and purchase documentation.
Finally, the depth of the restoration by the best craftsmen in the business is unmatched: Giuseppe Candini for the mechanics, Luppi for the upholstery, Autosport for the chassis and Pietro Cremonini for the paintwork, resplendent in its original Verde Gemma.

Bills are available documenting expenditure approaching €150,000. A substantial leather bound history and restoration file accompanies the car, which is Swiss registered but supplied with its old Dutch (EU) title document.
Bills are available documenting expenditure in the region of €150,000. A substantial leather bound history and restoration file accompanies the car, which is Swiss registered but supplied with its old Dutch (EU) title document.

February 1st 1971

Order no. MAS/1/71 placed with Mario Tozzi-Condivi of MTC Cars Ltd, 173 Westbourne Grove, London by William Benjamin of Villa Guide, Antibes, France and WA Benjamin Inc, Two Park Avenue, New York 10016. Base price US$13,750 plus extras totalling US$16,590, delivery in Modena for '1st ten days of May, 1971'
February 2nd 1971
Mr Baraldi at Maserati acknowledges order for 'Ghibli Convertible..with all extras' and asks if client will take one of cars offered in previous telex
February 5th 1971
Factory confirm new order to UK agent Mr McDonald at Citroen Cars, Slough, with delivery in 90 days
April 22nd 1971
Factory telex to Citroen Slough confirming price for 'Ghibli 5000 Convertible with European specifications' at $17,792 for which net cost to Citroen Cars Ltd will be $13,351 and regretting cannot accept lower price
May 10th 1971
Factory invoices Citroen Cars Ltd for new 'Maserati Gran Touring car type Ghibli 4900cc Spyder' at price of US$13,440.00
May 12th 1971
Factory issues Certificate of Origin
May 18th 1971
Collected from factory with temporary plates 'EE7260' by William Benjamin
June 1971
Mr Benjamin writes to factory complaining of various faults on his 'three week old, $17,000 Maserati' with copy to his lawyer
July 1971
Factory driver collects car from Antibes and returns to Modena
September 1971
Returned to Mr Benjamin after work completed and invoice issued to owner for jobs not under guarantee
May 29th 1972
Factory internal memo to Mr Baraldi points out that EE plates expired on May 10th 1972 and asks to contact Mr Benjamin
January 30th 1976
Registered in the Netherlands as '94-ZP-70'
Car purchased from Porsche dealer in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and sold to Sander Van Der Velden, Tilburg, who sent to Italy for cosmetic restoration, including repainting from green to burgundy and partial retrim
Won prize at Zandvoort Concours d'Elegance
November 27th 1981
Included on list of stolen cars sent by AL Vanini, Milano, to Maserati factory on behalf of Interpol, requesting owners' names
December 15th 1981
Maserati factory replies to Vanini that it can only supply information to Modena police in person of Maresciallo di Franco
May 18th 1982
Registered as '23-TE-14' to R v Mook, Tilburg, NL
Sold to FW Overlander, West Germany
Sold to Wolfgang von Schmieder, Blonay and later Cologny, Switzerland, mileage c.80,000km
June 6th 1987
Mileage now 80,168km
March 2nd 1988
Mileage now 81,492km
September 3rd 1990
Mileage now 82,934km
Late 1990s
Driven on Raid Basel- Paris by von Schmieder
September 2001
Shown by von Schmieder at the Louis Vuitton Classic, Parc de Bagatelle, Paris
March 11th 2001
Offered at Bonhams Geneva auction of The S (von Schmieder) Collection, Lot 115, est. SFR.130,000-160,000, not sold
March 2001
Sold post-auction to Darius Fouladi, Geneva, Switzerland
Sold to Ian F Wade, Hong Kong, but stored in Bern, Switzerland
Part exchanged by Wade to Kidston SA, Geneva, Switzerland
September 2006- April 2007
Completely restored in Italy by Carrozzeria Autosport (bodywork and project management), Pietro Cremonini (paintwork), Fratelli Luppi (upholstery), William Gatti (electrics) and Officina Candini (mechanics) to original factory specification including colours
April 2007
Entered for Concorso di Eleganza Villa d'Este

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