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  • Delivered new to Germany
  • Low-mileage example with only two private owners from new
  • Complete with all its original accessories and books
One of 20 built

1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

“The CLK-GTR road car is a real work of art.” –  Le Mans winner Paul Frere praises the CLK GTR after his test for Road & Track in 1998

The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

The late-1990s saw a long-awaited resurgence in long-distance sports car racing. McLaren had won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1995, and the next few years saw interesting battles between increasingly modified McLaren F1s and Porsche 911 GT1s versus AMG Mercedes ‘production cars’, the V12-powered CLK GTR and V8 LM.

Of course, none bore much relation to even supercars by Ferrari or Lamborghini. While McLaren took one of the finest-ever road cars, the F1, and transformed it into a winning racing car, Mercedes did the exact opposite. The CLK GTR was a barely road-legal version of the 600bhp racing car, with minimal creature comforts and the most astounding performance.

Bernd Schneider led AMG Mercedes to both individual and team championship wins in 1997. The team repeated the feat in 1998, swapping to the tried-and-trusted, turbo-V8-powered CLK LM from Le Mans onwards. The AMG CLK LMs having pummelled the opposition into the dust, the FIA then abandoned the category for 1999.

Twenty-five roadgoing, 6.9-litre CLK GTRs were commissioned by Mercedes, although the exact number built cannot be confirmed due to special commissions from the Sultan of Brunei who had at least one (RHD – the rest are LHD) coupé and one roadster.

Only two (V8) CLK LMs were built as road cars, one of which was written off in testing. Mercedes used the ‘CLK’ lettering in an attempt to link it with its strong-selling 2+2 coupé.

Unlike its contemporary, the McLaren F1, these cars rarely come to market. They are far more exclusive and just as fast but do, however, arguably lack the looks of the F1.

This Motor Car

Mercedes-Benz produced only 20 CLK GTR Coupes. A copy of the original sales invoice shows it was sold new in April 2000. The invoice also documents the original price as a whopping €1,983,600. Which is twice as much as a brand-new McLaren F1.

This car has been regularly serviced and is complete with its original owner’s manual, service booklet and leather pouch. Underneath each door is also a luggage compartment with its original first aid kit, warning triangle and tyre repair kit, all stored in their individual leather cases. The original metal carry case, containing the torque wrench, jack stands and numbered battery charger, still accompanies this CLK GTR. With only three owners, extremely low mileage and a clean history, this Mercedes-Benz was an easy decision for our demanding collector.


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