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Clash of the Titans

November, 2016

'The King is Dead. Long live the King.' The last Bugatti Veyron has been delivered and the new Chiron has already taken its place at the top of the supercar tree. So what's next for the rocket ship from Molsheim which ruled the roost with a 1,001bhp fist for a decade: classified-ads obscurity or revered classic status like the priceless McLaren F1? This is a match we've wanted to see for a long time. Everyone loves the Big Mac, but the Veyron is still in collecting No Man's Land. We're fans of both. We borrowed one from Bugatti (they even lent us a test driver par excellence) and conjured up the other closer to home. To do them justice, there aren't that many places in Europe you can do 200mph safely, but we found one and winged it with the other. Let the battle begin...