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Power Corrupts: Taming the Aston Martin V8 Vantage 6.3

Col lectors get excited about magic numbers: 36 GTOs, 29 alloy Gullwings, 19 DB4GT Zagatos...we all know and revere them. Talking of Astons, there's only one classic V8 Vantage which sports these two magic numbers on its derrière, and this is it.

Meet the '6.3' engined bruiser which the mad boffins at Aston Martin Works Service have sprinkled their magic upon, and watch- or better still listen- as the surrounding mountains reverberate when a young Italian racer is let loose in it. Trimmed with as much wood and leather as a luxury hotel, and with the same aerodynamics, it's a throwback to another era and could only be British. We doubt that even Daniel Craig in a new Vanquish would see which way our undercover Italian driver disappeared with it, but the bar of Gstaad's famed Palace Hotel is probably a good place to look...Cheers!


Those who know, know...
Those who don't, will
All that's missing is 'The Living Daylights' on the stereo
Ready for take off