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Our 2014 Mille Miglia Video Diary

It's long...it's tiring...and it's memorable. So much effort went into entering this year's Mille Miglia epic that we thought we'd take along a motorbike-mounted cameraman to capture the action from close-up, and here's his video diary of the 2014 event. In seven minutes you'll see more of Italy than most tourists see in a lifetime, and understand what makes the thousand mile event so special.

It's a high octane carnival which everybody joins in...it could only happen in Italy.

Images courtesy of  Steve Wakefield, Bianchi-Piras and Francesco Reggiani

Democracy, Mille Miglia style: even Ferrari drivers wait their turn
Da Vinci couldn't have created a better backdrop
Local hospitality caters for every eventuality
If Berlusconi did car rallies, he'd like this one
A relaxed ride in the countryside? Try 16 hours of driving (per day) in a 60 year old car- with no GPS, air con, power steering or proper suspension. And don't ask about night time lighting...
Guess who they're waiting for...
AC/DC's Brian Johnson- he's not just handy with a guitar