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Our 10th Anniversary — A Big Thanks To You All

By Simon Kidston

Ten years... "Where has the time gone?" is the old refrain. Stepping from the auction rostrum in a previous life still feels familiar, and yet Kidston SA celebrates its tenth anniversary this week.

This is our opportunity to thank all of you for your business, loyalty and friendship over those years, and to look forward to the future. We have exciting plans for 2016 to complement our core activities, offering new services and doing so with an expanding team around the world. It's the right time to be broadening our horizons as the classic car market polarises: Best vs Rest. But more about that in Steve Wakefield's analysis...

We'll soon be heading out to Arizona for the blockbuster Scottsdale auctions, followed by the more cerebral sales in Paris the following week. All eyes will be on the headline Lots to gauge the state of the market. Our sister collecting guide and index www.k500.com will give you the inside track in real time.

So from my colleagues and I, thank you for your continued support over our first ten years, and here's to the next!

...and a few kind words from our friends:

"Simon and his colleagues are the kind of guys, when they say something, you can rely on it."

Detlef Hübner, Germany

"I want to thank you for the supplying me with an exemplary experience. I have been involved extensively with collector cars for 50 years, and there are very few "eyes" I trust. I was first drawn to Kidston SA through reputation. It is a difficult thing to represent a car that is 60 years old and do it accurately. Everyone's idea of a car's condition differs. You were somehow able to transfer your assessment of the car I bought beautifully. Never once did you try to "make a sale". You answered every question and backed up your answers with documentation. You are a true enthusiast of the sport. You went to great lengths to help me all the way to my receiving the car. When I got the car it was exactly as you critiqued it. I would not only recommend you, I would encourage people to seek your assistance. Thank you for a job well done. Best, Mark"

Mark Isaac, USA

"Simon's team is a pleasure to work with: they find me really cool cars!"

Peter S Kalikow, USA

"Je l'ai connu il y a presque 20 ans! Il est devenu le médecin de ma passion, l'organisateur de mes rêves...Si vous êtes comme moi, atteint de cette boulimie, n'hésitez pas à le consulter, c'est le meilleur. Toutes mes félicitations pour ses 10 ans de bonheur."

Jean-Pierre Slavic, Switzerland

"Beyond the expertise and care Simon and his colleagues bring to the transactional side of the collector car business on behalf of their clients, it is really the conviviality displayed by them that makes one remember why it is so wonderful to participate in this hobby. The fellowship of shared passions and the friendships that evolve from them are really the irreplaceable things one gets from car collecting and Simon's team truly understands that. I have sincerely appreciated both their counsel and friendship over the years. They rock!"
John Stafford III, USA

Rallies and tours give us a chance to fly the flag- and show that a 1924 Hispano-Suiza can keep an AMG Merc at bay...
...although we like Mercs too, especially when driving 1,000 miles flat out around Italy
This one wasn't so lucky: discoveries in far flung places are a great reward in our job
Meeting your heroes, and occasionally borrowing their cars, is another perk
Did I say we enjoyed borrowing cars? Thanks to a generous 250GTO owner for this yes-it-really-is-that-good drive
Planes and automobiles are a perfect match- this was shooting our 2013 'Full Throttle' film
Another memorable adventure was recreating 'The Italian Job' with Mick Walsh in 2009- here's the team between driving scenes in the Alps
One of our favourite cars remains the 'Big Mac' F1. This...
...sometimes leads to this. Luckily these gentlemen liked cars
Concours are to many the public face of our world. Winning our class at Pebble in 2013 was credit to the restorers we trust
Our 'Midnight Express' road trip and film: across Europe non-stop in Black Tie, with Robert Coucher, who else?
For sheer glamour, atmosphere and a brilliant audience who really know their stuff, nowhere beats Villa d'Este
Living history: a week filming Goering's 'Blue Goose' Merc around the world was a once-in-a-lifetime historical immersion
Judging at Pebble is great for meeting interesting people and learning from them: McKeel Hagerty and I listen to collector Roger Hoffmann, owner of the world's most original D-Type
It's not all glamour, though...
You didn't think it would actually work for that price, did you?
It's hard to think of a better field in which to work, or with more passionate people. We're very lucky and never forget it