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Simon Said - No Rest For The Wicked

The Le Mans 24 Hours? Monte Carlo Rally? No, this overnighter was the culmination of an even longer marathon: the three year restoration of a unique racing Ferrari in its homeland near Modena, where the air is warm and the Lambrusco chilled.
Our team have just finished returning the car to how it first looked when delivered to a gentleman driver in Geneva 46 years ago, and you'll be able to judge whether the effort was worthwhile at the Pebble Beach concours in less than three weeks' time. The coachbuilders applied the finishing touches late last night and the photographers then took over to record the result before a truck arrived at 7am to deliver the gold Ferrari to a cargo 'plane headed for California. It's a far cry from the snowy Swiss rallies where the car earned its spurs early in its life.
Colours are a very personal statement, but we've always believed that they're also an important part of a car's history. Not everyone agrees: one famous collector friend and client  insists that his cars can be any colour, as long as they were period options. I disagree: a car's original colour is much more memorable than, say, its engine number, and original colours should be preserved. Ask a first owner or driver which they remember best: it won't be the engine number...