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Simon Said - Miura Meets Miura!

It's a wrap! This comes to you live from Andalusia in Spain where we've just celebrated the conclusion of an epic three-day tour to honour the Lamborghini Miura's 50th birthday. A record 23 Miuras and their owners arrived from the four corners of the globe - crews from Mexico City (8,999km away), Tokyo (11,123km) and Singapore (11,642km) travelled the furthest - to sample some of Europe's most picturesque roads, finest cooking and most historic landmarks, making new friendships and cementing old ones along the way.

A highlight was meeting the Miura brothers Don Antonio and Don Eduardo at the famous ranch where their family has bred Spain's most formidable fighting bulls for seven generations, from which Ferruccio Lamborghini took the name for his landmark supercar back in 1966. Neither brother had ever sat in a Miura, much less ridden in one. We remedied that.

Thanks to everyone who took part, and it's with some pride that there was only one non-finisher despite a punishing pace on and off the road. No proper car tour will now be complete without an 11am champagne and caviar stop...

See you in 2021 for the 55th!