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Simon Said - I've seen the future, and it's silent.

Those nice people at BMW - the same ones who provide me with a new M6 Gran Coupé every few months - just dropped off something I'd been curious to try for ages: the i8 coupé. Wow! Have you seen it up close? My colleague Emanuele summed it up as "the love child of a Prius and a DeLorean." Someone else in the office commented "An iPhone on wheels". Personally - being romantic - I thought early '70s M-Turbo show car meets Tron the sci-fi movie. First impressions? Try getting in with a car parked close to you - good luck. Once seated snugly inside, it's pretty intuitive if you're used to BMWs. 'Engine start' is familiar, but nothing happens. Try again - what little noise there was disappears. Try a third time - it's like the first. Are we running? Yes, but not as we know it. Slipping the gear lever into 'D' and the car slides effortlessly and silently out of your parking spot. We're off - and it's surreal.

I need some space to try this thing properly, but it looks sinister, has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, goes almost as fast as the M6 and is huge fun on twisty roads. The luggage space is almost non-existent, charging looks daunting (but so did an iPhone to me) and there are lots of plasticky feeling surfaces inside for something which costs well into six figures. Do I want one? I'm still pondering, but I'm already looking forward to my next drive...