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It's Showdown Time: Paddy Power

To the untrained eye he's just an older patron of a quaint British pub, minding his own business at his usual table. But the mysterious visitor knows his past, and has come with a challenge. Will our hero accept, and does he still have what it takes?

Let's find out.

Hollywood comes to Beaconsfield
Croc Dundee braves the elements for the perfect shot
150 year old Victorian viaduct provided shelter for car and crew
Team Twyman handled last minute prep (ie an oily rag)
No cliches here then (ok, the Italian crew hadn't seen a real telephone box before and no we won't mention Marconi))
Back in the same driving seat he occupied exactly 50 years ago
Why we love filming in Britain so much
Thanks Paddy, you're a gentleman (although we can't repeat most of your stories with children or ladies present...)