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Simon Said - Could this just be the best German car ever?

I've just dropped off my '73 Porsche Carrera RS at Heathrow valet parking on a wet English day, having driven almost 1,000 miles in it over a long weekend. London traffic, rain, motorway driving, Goodwood mud, twisty Welsh roads getting past slow moving caravans - it devoured them all and not for a moment did I think "I'd rather be driving a..." Somehow everything comes together on this car, from the tactile, thin-rimmed steering wheel that dances in your fingers, to the satisfying clunk of the doors, the smooth swish of the electric windows and sunroof (very cool in '73), to the great seats and visibility, luggage space, parkability... and that's before I bore you with a glorious engine which revs happily to over 7,000rpm and sounds epic from the moment you fire it up. Oh, and the colour. Love it!