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Christmas Greetings!

It was quite a step to leave the warm and comforting surroundings of a firm like Bonhams, although as I've told many of you who've asked, our Geneva offices, staff line-up and costs are unchanged, it's just my wages that are missing at the end of each month! But seriously, I'm delighted to report that this year we've been able to help clients with financing, insurance (although less than we'd like, so this will be a priority next year) and expert consulting, which has included traveling around the world to inspect and advise on motorcars, plus identifying suitable new homes for others. We tend to handle the cars we like ourselves, so it's no surprise to find that these have included not one but two Maserati 300S racers, a lovely Mercedes-Benz S-type, my ongoing favourite Ferrari- the 250LM- and a very special 1950s Ferrari berlinetta, not to mention many more affordable but still unusual and exciting cars. I hope our service has met or exceeded your expectations, but if there is anything you feel is missing or can be improved upon, please let us know and we will listen.

I've also been filming the pilot episode for a series about car collections and collectors for US television, which will doubtlessly provide ammunition aplenty for jokes amongst friends and colleagues when it airs next year, but I've long thought that a programme showing the inside world of 'serious' classic cars was lacking and hope this will be the first of many.

Simon Kidston

New instructions to sell have come recently from clients from around the world, including the 1952 London Motor Show Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback, which has spent its entire life since then hidden away in Mexico, the bright red Porsche 959 delivered new to conductor Herbert von Karajan (offered from the estate of its second and even more illustrious owner) and a lovely six carburettor Ferrari 275GTB/6C built for Count Zanon in Italy. And no, it's not red. Details of these cars and others will be on our website soon, if not already by the time you read this.

All that remains is for my colleagues and I to wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy, happy 2007.