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Simon Said - A belated happy New Year and here is to the road ahead!

Next week the classic car market gets back into gear with the Arizona auctions, quickly followed by the Cavallino extravaganza for Ferrari fetishists under the Palm Beach sunshine and, across the Atlantic, the Gallic charm of Retromobile in chilly Paris with yes, you guessed, even more auctions...

Everyone's asking what's in store but we don't predict any great surprises. Most of it's been seen before. 'Discoveries' are few and far between and if they're real, they'll do well. My money's on the red D-Type at Gooding and, don't laugh, the '58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham at RM (actually that's a friend's recommendation, but he has excellent taste). Anyone up for a sweepstake on what they make? 

See you there!