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45th Anniversary Miura Tour Gallery — On Days Like These

With the exalted values they command these days you're more likely to see a Lamborghini Miura being paraded at a concours or coming under the hammer at a world class auction. To remind ourselves what ownership of these landmark V12 supercars should really be about, we took the initiative to host a rally commemorating the model's 45th birthday in its natural habitat: Italy. 

Teams converged from around the globe upon a remote corner of Tuscany

Organised for us by historic Mille Miglia founder Costantino Franchi's 2fast4you team and based in Tuscany's unspoiled Maremma region, the three day event took in some of the best roads Europe has to offer including the hills of Chianti wine country, Elba's dramatic coastline and the picturesque Val d'Orcia near Siena. Far from the beaten track we were guests in centuries old homes, rustic restaurants and famous vineyards, getting between them in one of the most beautiful motor cars ever designed.

The ferry to Elba doesn't usually carry such precious cargo
Ready for action: a different kind of allied landing

Better still, we were honoured to have one of those designers with us: Ingegnere Paolo Stanzani, who later went on to create the Countach and steer the Lamborghini factory through troubled waters, all whilst still in his 20s. He was joined on the Miura Tour by the ebullient Tonino Lamborghini whose storytelling kept everyone entertained, recalling with a smile: "I was just the owner's son, Stanzani and his team were the ones who really counted".

Perfect car, perfect roads
...and perfect food to match

Highlights? The walls of Monteriggioni, a hilltop village dating back a thousand years and closed to motor cars for decades, reverberated to the music of V12s before we tucked into lunch at Il Pozzo. The mediaeval town of Siena, home to the famous Piazza del Campo and the motor racing Nannini family's pasticceria, welcomed us with soaring architecture, hidden artisanal shops and the best gelato we've tasted all summer. A short ferry sailing away the island of Elba, best-known as the place of Napoleon's exile, revealed roads every bit as exciting and dramatic as Sicily's Targa Florio. Flicking a Miura through a series of bends criss-crossing a rocky landscape in quick succession towards Marciana Marina gave the same satisfaction a slalom skier feels when it all comes together...but with an added soundtrack which few sports can match.

A local generously volunteered we sample his transport: it didn't feel like a V12
Monteriggioni's 1,000 year old hilltop piazza hosted 20th century history

Some 700km later and all the owners agreed they knew- and respected- their cars far better than when they arrived on Italian soil. Only one Miura 'failed to proceed' for a minor glitch, and another participant was allowed to bring his angular Countach 'periscopica' at the last minute as his SV wasn't ready, proving that the more they're driven, the better these cars get.

If the 45th was this much fun, imagine the 50th...

Miura rests at journey's end
Forget what you've read, Paolo Stanzani revealed the facts

Special thanks to Costantino Franchi, Franco Majno and Valentina Croce (www.2fast4you.it) and their highly professional team who catered to our every need, Ing. Paolo Stanzani and Dott. Tonino Lamborghini for their entertaining company, photographers Francesco, Pietro and Filippo, writer Massimo Delbo', Parmigiani as official timekeeper (we were always late anyway), Rolls-Royce for the 'magic carpet' courtesy car and Hotel L'Andana, a truly magical place.


By Simon Kidston

No, it's not a Hello magazine spread, just 'the right crowd and no crowding'
Under the Tuscan moon: The End