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Professor Gordon Murray poses with his XP3 handled by Kidston SA

What our clients say about us

Simon Kidston ed il suo team di collaboratori sono sicuramente un punto di riferimento nel panorama collezionistico delle auto storiche. Abbiamo già avuto riscontro di ciò in passato per una vendita... quindi ci è risultato del tutto naturale usufruire nuovamente della loro alta professionalità.

Con gratitudine,

Maurizio e Mario Piantelli Italian Medical Doctors

Kidston's offering is something unique in the collectable car world - the deep know how, true passion, and no-nonsense approach inspires confidence at every step of the process. I've bought, sold and restored numerous cars through Simon and his team over the years and they've never disappointed.

Jonathan Hui

Hong Kong Real Estate Entrepreneur, Modern GT Racer and Collector

I used Simon and team to sell a very rare and special car because they enjoy long term relationships/friendships with the world’s leading collectors and they were uniquely qualified to market this car on a one to one basis together with the best presentation materials I have ever seen, and I am in the marketing business!
Bruce Milner American Collector and Marketing Entrepreneur
I have known Simon for years, so I decided to consult him when I wanted to sell one of my classic cars. His company operates very professionally and efficiently, and his team has a great deal of expert knowledge. I was extremely impressed with how they handled the sale and completely satisfied with their services so I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Simon’s company. Very good job Simon!
Peter R. Bruppacher Swiss Management Consultant
The cars that you have collected with your aesthetic sense and your ability for bringing things together, along with your insight, will surely capture the hearts of car enthusiasts
Shiro Kosaka Japan’s Leading Italian Car Collector
Selling my McLaren F1 was a huge decision point in my life as I had lived and breathed the motor car from the moment I began the concept design. After having made the decision to sell my car I wanted to conduct the transaction privately and quietly. Simon and his team handled the sale professionally and with great sensitivity. Most importantly, with Simon’s guidance I am sure that my creation has gone to exactly the right owner who will appreciate this special motor car and its history.
Professor Gordon Murray McLaren F1 Chief Designer
Come sempre e’ stato un piacere trattare l’acquisto di questa nuova vettura a mezzo della Kidston SA lavorando con voi che stimo molto come persone e professionisti capaci e affidabli in un mondo che spesso lascia molto a desiderare.
Ven Fonte American-based Industrialist and Car Collector
Un team affiatato, multiculturale, multilinguistico ma soprattutto molto professionale: con queste premesse un rapporto di affari non può che trasformarsi in amicizia.
Ermanno Keller Industrialist and Italian Car Collector
After a chance conversation about considering a discreet off market disposal of my family's Ferrari 250GT SWB, Simon and his team got to work and handled the whole process with the utmost professionalism. We achieved the price we had hoped for, directly to a proper collector who we feel is right for the car. This level of customer service is very rare and I applaud him and his team for an excellent job well done.
Mike Pearce Automotive entrepreneur
It is never easy to part with a car which has been part of your life for 40 years.

When that car is a Ferrari 250 GTO which you dreamed of as a youth and worked hard in your business career to own, the decision is even more difficult.

I know many people in the classic car world, and have dealt with many of them, but Simon Kidston and his dynamic team always stood out for me with their professionalism, passion and global outlook. After long deliberation I chose them to handle the sale of my most significant car. Every detail was dealt with to perfection: open communication, excellent judgement in vetting potential buyers and identifying unexpected ones, diligence in supervising restoration and historic documentation, and diplomacy in overcoming the inevitable obstacles on the road to finding the right future custodian.

The memories of this great car will stay with me forever, and with Kidston's help the final chapter of my ownership had a very happy ending.
Hartmut Ibing Property developer and pioneering German collector
I have known Simon Kidston for many years, and being an avid classic car buff, I have been familiar with the Kidston name right from the Brooklands “Bentley boys” days.

I have also watched Simon perform as an auctioneer, commentator, driver, and be host at a wide variety of car events.

Simon’s team have just sold my 1961 S2 Bentley Continental, and arranged the transport from Switzerland to England.

His team performed really well from the photography, listing, customer relations, sale, and finally the transport.

I have no hesitation in supporting his enterprise, and the sales registered on his website speak for themselves.
George Nicholson Yacht Builder and Racer
Simon's team is a pleasure to work with: they find me really cool cars!
Peter S Kalikow USA
Beyond the expertise and care Simon and his colleagues bring to the transactional side of the collector car business on behalf of their clients, it is really the conviviality displayed by them that makes one remember why it is so wonderful to participate in this hobby. The fellowship of shared passions and the friendships that evolve from them are really the irreplaceable things one gets from car collecting and Simon's team truly understands that. I have sincerely appreciated both their counsel and friendship over the years. They rock!
John Stafford USA
I want to thank you for supplying me with an exemplary experience. I have been involved extensively with collector cars for 50 years, and there are very few 'eyes' I trust. I was first drawn to Kidston SA through reputation. It is a difficult thing to represent a car that is 60 years old and do it accurately. Everyone's idea of a car's condition differs. You were somehow able to transfer your assessment of the car I bought beautifully. Never once did you try to 'make a sale'. You answered every question and backed up your answers with documentation. You are a true enthusiast of the sport. You went to great lengths to help me all the way to my receiving the car. When I got the car it was exactly as you critiqued it. I would not only recommend you, I would encourage people to seek your assistance. Thank you for a job well done. Best, Mark
Mark Isaac Independent US Investment Banker
Big thank you for all your help — amazing.
Tracy Bennett Car Collector and Music Entrepreneur
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the professional seamless transaction handled by yourself.
Barry Fitzgerald Australian Entrepreneur and Sports Car Collector
La mia conoscenza personale con Simon Kidston data da ben piú di un decennio e quella con Emanuele Collo non è molto piú recente nonostante la sua giovane età e quindi non avevo dubbi che, rivolgendomi a loro professionalmente, avrei ricevuto un'assistenza piú che qualificata; la realtà è stata tuttavia ancora superiore alle mie aspettative, il risultato conseguito è stato anche migliore di quanto avessi desiderato e tutto questo con una cortesia, un'efficienza, una signorilità che posso solo definire come di altri tempi. Grazie, grazie veramente di cuore.
Francesco Gandolfi Italian Food Industrialist
I am in no doubt that your involvement has been the magic ingredient.
Graham Watts British Businessman & Mille Miglia Enthusiast
My experience with Kidston was brilliant — they are professional, competent and truly passionate and knowledgeable about collectible cars. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase and looking forward to enjoying it!
Steve Boultbee Brooks Property Developer and WW2 Warbird/ Racing Car Collector
While considering the purchase of any of the world's finest motor cars one has to be certain that the car is indeed genuine and of a quality that befits the price tag. Fortunately for me the vendor had chosen Kidston SA to act on his behalf. Their professionalism, knowledge and reputation was a major factor in giving me the confidence to proceed with the purchase of a Le Mans legend.
Gary Ford Property Developer and Logistics Entrepreneur
Being a relative beginner in terms of investing in the classic car market, I found working with Kidston excellent. They provided me with a wealth of information, in some cases above and beyond what was needed, that enabled me to make the correct decisions.
Rory Sweet Adventurer and Software Entrepreneur
Simon and his colleagues are the kind of guys, when they say something, you can rely on it.
Detlef Huebner German Logistics Entrepreneur and Lifelong Sportscar Collector
La ringrazio per la consueta precisione con cui Lei opera.
Dr Giuseppe Lucchini Steelmaking Industrialist and Italy's Leading Car Collector
When the time came to sell my Lamborghini Miura SV, I called Kidston. The entire process was a very comfortable and a very professional experience... I of course expected nothing less, but the way everything was handled and the efficiency and speed of the transaction was unsurpassed. I will always call them on all future purchases or sales.
Gary Wright Managing Partner
Ich kenne Simon Kidston nun seit fast zwanzig Jahren, früher in seiner Eigenschaft als Verantwortlicher von Bonhams und seither als erfolgreicher selbstständiger Unternehmer. Während all dieser Jahre habe ich Simon Kidston als äusserst kompetenten Fachmann schätzen gelernt. Für mich ist Simon Kidston - was Oldtimerfahrzeuge betrifft - die Bezugsperson auf diesem Gebiet und ich kann ihn jederzeit sowohl als Experten wie auch als Persönlichkeit weiterempfehlen.
Rolf Schneider Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public in Gstaad, Switzerland
Meine Erfahrungen mit Simon Kidston und seinem Team sind ausschliesslich positiv. Ausserordentlich professionel und mit sehr hohem Fachwissen übertrifft der Service alle Erwartungen. Die Beratung ist von bester Qualität. Besonders beeindruckt hat mich der äusserst freundliche und engagierte After-Sales-Service. Ich kann Kidston jedem Autoliebhaber wärmstens empfehlen.
Albert Spiess Swiss Food Industrialist and Lamborghini Collector
Je l'ai connu il y a presque 20 ans! Il est devenu le médecin de ma passion, l'organisateur de mes rêves...Si vous êtes comme moi, atteint de cette boulimie, n'hésitez pas à le consulter, c'est le meilleur. Toutes mes félicitations pour ses 10 ans de bonheur.
Jean-Pierre Slavic Swiss Watchmaking Industrialist and Ferrari Collector
Nella mia veste di organizzatore della Mille Miglia, molti partecipanti attuali e potenziali, nonche' amici, mi chiedevano consiglio sulla macchina giusta da scegliere oppure come cambiare da una all'altra. Durante gli ultimi decenni sono venuto a contatto con molti specialisti intorno al mondo ma ho sempre trovato che Simon Kidston fosse particolarmente preparato e sopratutto serio, e la mia prima (e normalmente unica) segnalazione è sempre per lui, certo di far bella figura con i potenziali partecipanti alla gara.
Dr Costantino Franchi Co-Founder and Organizer for 25 Years of the Historic Mille Miglia
Having known Simon for the better part of 15 years and having worked with him in the capacity of auctioneer, consultant, and friend, Simon will undoubtedly prove a valuable resource to novice and experienced collector alike.
W E 'Chip' Connor Hong Kong-based Industrialist and Car Collector
La mia passione per le auto nacque in me fin da adolescente, troppo presto forse, ma ancora piú immediato fu l'amore per le Ferrari allora esordienti. Ho conosciuto, vissuto, lavorato fianco a fianco con Enzo Ferrari ed ho guidato, spesso vittoriosamente le sue incomparabili vetture nei piú famosi circuiti internazionali...... quando incontrai per la prima volta Simon Kidston ne percepii quella scintilla di genuina passione oltre ad una già ottima preparazione tecnica e storica. Oggi posso dire di apprezzarne la grande capacità per il 'dettaglio rivelatore' e la sua professionalità in un mondo che troppo spesso accoglie 'improvvisati improvvisatori' a braccia aperte. Un caro saluto ed un augurio di raggiungere nuovi e piú importanti traguardi con la tua nuova bandiera.
The late Dr Fabrizio Violati Italian Gentleman Driver and Ferrari Collector
Simon Kidston has a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the collectible car market. It seems that there is no byway or garden path of that world that he has not trod. Comprehensive knowledge and solid common sense combined in someone as prodigiously articulate as Mr. Kidston make him an expert to whom I pay great attention.
Miles Collier US Investor, Philanthropist and Museum Owner
My recent transaction with Simon Kidston was very professionally handled. A price was agreed and the car was delivered on time and exceeded expectations — no shenanigans, all very straightforward.
Peter Sugden British Advertising Impresario and Lifelong Ferrari Collector
The Fiat Dino I purchased through you is wonderful. I'm very pleased with the car and especially with the professionalism, efficiency and kindness of your staff in helping with the purchase and transport.
Dr Andy Manganaro American Physician and Collector
I wish to thank Simon Kidston for all his efforts in the sale of my motor car. It was not a simple task as we had first anticipated but he persevered in spite of the few disappointments and his tenacity finally paid. I also want to commend his most helpful team. My son and I shall praise his outfit every chance we get!
Nicolas and Axel Sursock Sadruddin Aga Khan Foundation (stepson and step-grandson)
Simon met me in Milan and took me to where his client stored the Daytona. After a successful inspection and test drive Simon then took us all out to lunch. I then drove the car back to the UK, via a couple of splendid hotels, and arrived home all without a single mishap. How much more civilised can a car purchase be than that?!
James Lindsay Investor, Racer and Son of the Late Hon. Patrick Lindsay, UK Historic Car and Aircraft Pioneer.
No nonsense, very straightforward and excellent customer service: just the way I like to do business. Kidston SA have a very professional set-up.
Jonathan Turner Oil Man and Car Collector
Ho sempre messo avanti le mie scelte il gusto per il bello, la rigorosa originalità e la profonda competenza. Non è facile mettere insieme queste caratteristiche fondamentali. Se poi aggiungo la passione e l'emozione, che per me sono molto importanti, Kidston è il compagno di viaggio ideale!
The late Dr Luigi 'Gino' Macaluso CEO of Girard Perregaux (watches), 1970s FIAT/ Lancia Works Rally Driver, President of the Italian Motorsport Commission and Sports/ Racing Car Collector
I was interested in acquiring the very best example in existence of a certain rare model for my collection. Kidston SA suggested the appropriate car, negotiated its sale and arranged delivery to my home. To me the high quality of the car and the service were worth paying the price, and I know that the advice I received was professional and long term.
Davis Weszeli Austrian Entrepreneur and Italian Sports Car Collector
Kidston SA were a pleasure to work with, and Mr Simon Kidston in particular. He returned my calls, communicated well and ably described the vehicle. The company handled my enquiry straightforwardly and delivered on what they promised. Clearly they understand the more seriously minded. It's not often these days that one finds such a package.
Graham M Dacre Property/Automotive Businessman and Classic Mercedes-Benz Collector
Having seen the Ferrari 512F in Kidston's brochure, Simon's handling of the process of negotiation, viewing the car, paperwork and delivery, was done with a good balance between the seller's interests and mine and was a pleasurable event that was also conducted very efficiently. Even lunch was included!
Adrian Newey World Championship-Winning Formula 1/Indycar Designer and Historic Racer
The car runs well and I have a lot of fun with it!
Dr Alexander J.H. Schröder-Frerkes German Lawyer and Car Enthusiast
The things that most impressed me in my dealings with Simon Kidston were:
  1. He and his staff very quick to return telephone calls and emails and address the questions or requests that I put to them.
  2. Although this was the first time we had done business, he was quite relaxed and seemed confident I would live up to my end of the bargain that had been struck.
  3. The seller, although courteous and pleasant, was a bit difficult — but Simon either deflected or absorbed this so it did not become an issue between us as it might have done.
'From the buyer's perspective, he was the perfect go-between — cordial to both parties and able to professionally address their particular requirements without giving either the impression the other was being unreasonable.
Graham Adelman US Entrepreneur and Historic Ferrari Collector/Racer
I hold the view that only few people are capable to achieve world record prices for vintage cars. Actually Simon is trustworthy, has in-depth knowledge of the market and has an excellent network. It is a pleasure to work with Simon and his team in Geneva.
Harald R. Steger Swiss Banker and Investor
I was considering auctioning my Ferrari 250GT SWB but prudently called Kidston SA first. They found me a buyer who paid the right price within 48 hours, and Kidston's team handled all the logistics and paperwork to perfection. I only wish there was a similarly efficient and professional service in real estate!
Anton Bilton British Property Entrepreneur
I have found your advice to be refreshingly candid. Further, I have found that you have what I feel are particularly good insights on market trends somewhat before they develop.
Jim Spiro American Collector and Enthusiast
The classic cars we enjoy can be appreciated at many levels; historically, mechanically, experientially and as design objects. Simon communicates a cultivated and discerning understanding of all of these facets. Having sourced and sold various cars with him, he has demonstrated consistently his fairness, thoroughness, insight and discretion. 'One small example: we had an arcane engineering query on the Lamborghini Miura Roadster Simon was handling for me. Simon was able to get the factory, the former lead engineer, and the top restorer all to provide written insight into the matter in less than three days. That demands an unusual level of relationships and focus. 'Simon adds a great deal of value and I look forward to working with him in the future.
Adam Gordon New York Real Estate Developer