Acting for Buyers or Sellers

We operate a sliding commission scale which is the same for buyers and sellers, but we only act for one side in any deal, and our principal pays our fee, which is dependent on our success.

- Up to €2,000,000 we charge a 10% commission, with a minimum fee of €20,000.

- On the amount from €2,000,000 to €10,000,000 we charge a 5% commission.

- On the amount above €10,000,000 we charge a 2.5% commission.

Swiss TVA of 8% applies on our fees for clients inside Switzerland.

Auction representation fees are agreed on an individual basis, and where a vendor instructs us to achieve a 'net' figure to be returned, our commission may vary. Please ask if you'd like a proposal.

Written valuation

€ 600 - (+ 8% TVA) per car

Send us details and have your collector's car objectively and professionally valued within five working days, whether buying, selling, insuring or just for a second opinion. These written valuations are based on information and photographs you provide and do not require us to inspect the car.

If you'd like to have more than 5 cars valued at once, a collection rate applies.

Daily retainer

€ 5000 - (+ 8% TVA)  

This puts us at your complete disposal for a day (normally 9am-6pm) and entitles you to expert advice including guidance on buying, pricing, provenance, authenticity, marketing and different options for selling. Travel costs, if applicable, are excluded.

Rates correct from November 2013